How We Dress
The policy for dress code for the student body is designed to keep a symetrical look among students.  Freedom Academy encourages modesty among our student body.  More details on the dress code can be found in the student handbook.

  • Girls are allowed to wear khaki or navy skirts that reach to the middle of the knee when standing and mid knee when seated with plain color polo shirts.
  • Jr High and High School Boys are allowed to wear long pants and solid color polo shirts.
  • Elementary Boys are allowed to wear long khaki or navy pants or knee length khaki or navy shorts. 
  • Wednesday is chapel day at Freedom, girls must wear a navy polo with a khaki skirt, while boys wear a navy polo and khaki pants. 

Colors:  All girls and boys are to wear red, white, or blue polo shirts. Girls are to wear Khaki or Navy long uniform skirts and boys are to wear khaki or navy uniform pants. K-5 through 5th grade are allowed to wear khaki or navy knee length uniform shorts.