***There have been a few changes in the uniform guidelines.  Please see below.***

School Uniform Guidelines

• GIRLS - Uniforms are to be worn daily. Students should wear ANY COLOR polo shirts with khaki pants or skirts to the knee. Pants MUST be loose in fitting and skirts MUST be to the knee.  Uniforms may be purchased from any clothing store.

• BOYS - Uniforms are to be worn daily.  Students should wear ANY COLOR polo shirts with khaki uniform pants.  Uniforms may be purchased from any clothing store.

 NO HOODIES unless it is a school hoodie or plain with no writing or pictures.  School hoodies will be available for purchase for $35 on Open House night.

• NO SHORTS ALLOWED for 7th-12th Grades.

Grades K5-6th boys and girls may wear uniform khaki shorts to the knees.  

• Parents and family members are also expected to dress modestly when attending school events.

There will no longer be "Dress Down Days" on Fridays.  ALL students MUST wear uniforms on Fridays unless otherwise notified by administration or teacher.  Students will have the opportunity to EARN dress down days as a reward for good behavior or good grades.  The parents will be notified if a student has earned a dress down day.  

• If a student isn’t dressed appropriately according to the uniform policy, parents will be notified to either provide a change of clothes or pick up their child. This helps ensure a respectful and conducive learning environment. Students will also receive 1 demerit for not being in uniform.