At Freedom Academy we believe that every child is a unique gift from God, created to glorify Him. It is our purpose to support and assist homes and churches in training children to possess the spiritual, academic, social and physical skills necessary to prepare them to fulfill the special plan God has for them, helping each to become what God wants him or her to be.

Goals Include:

  • To make clear to each child God’s simple plan of salvation and His unconditional, redemptive love for him/her.
  • To encourage each child to decide to accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior. To nurture a growing love for God and His Word, the Bible.
  • To teach children how to pray and to provide opportunity to strengthen their personal prayer life.
  • To emphasize the importance of continuing to strengthen their personal prayer life.
  • To increase the children‘s awareness of missions and needs of those less fortunate.
  • To teach the children to apply Biblical principles in daily life situations.
  • To provide training necessary to develop Christian character.
  • To provide a safe and pleasant environment.
  • To provide high quality academic material and instruction.
  • To provide training and instruction in other skills necessary for life.
  • To foster a spirit of patriotism and love of country.